New Romanian Films Premiere at the East End Film Festival

19 - 21/06/2014 @ RichMix Cinema, London

Indulge yourselves with a supersize bite of Romanian filmmaking at its best at London’s most vibrant film festival! The 6th consecutive collaboration with our friends from the East End Film Festival brings to London two of the most anticipated Romanian films: Corneliu Porumboiu’s 'The Second Game' and Anca Damian’s 'A Very Unsettled Summer'. For all lovers of the new Romanian cinema: two screenings not to be missed!

The Romanian Cultural Institute in London is pleased to support director Anca Damian and leading actress Ana Ularu for a Q&A session after the screening on 21 June.

A timely film in a World Cup year, Romanian New Wave auteur Corneliu Porumboiu’s ('12:08 East of Bucharest', 'Police, Adjective') 'The Second Gametakes us back to the 3rd of December 1988, a night in which the director’s father filmmaker was acting as the referee in a football match between two Bucharest teams, Steaua and Dinamo. 25 years later, the two sit down to re-watch the match together. The result is a commentary on father-son relations, the transition from dictatorship to democracy, and the numerous ways in which the beautiful game can act as a vehicle for hopes, fears and memories of those who watch it. A glorious film. (East End Film Festival)

Director: Corneliu Porumboiu | Premiere type: UK | Year: 2014 | Running time: 97min
Venue: Rich Mix | Date: 19 June 2014 | Time: 9pm
Tickets available from the Rich Mix website here.


Intense heat and gathering storms in summertime Bucharest provide the background to 'A Very Unsettled Summer', the latest film from lauded Romanian director Anca Damian ('Crulic'). Daniel, an English journalist living in the city, receives a message from Maria, his ex. But what seems like an opportunity to rekindle old passions is actually something far more complex. Maria is in fact offering to play a different version of herself in which she is a prostitute and he is her client. Falling back into an affair despite being committed to current girlfriend Irena, this in turn all seems to be fodder for a screenplay being written by Alex, a Danish journalist and mutual acquaintance. As all three become more and more obsessed with spinning fictions, reality and storytelling seem to blur, with the ending to the screenplay taking on increasing significance for their actual lives. A clever, bewitching drama about what we would like to believe about ourselves and others. (East End Film Festival)

Director: Anca Damian | Premiere type: UK | Year: 2013 | Running time: 98min
Venue: Rich Mix | Date: 21 June | Time: 4pm
Tickets available from the Rich Mix website here.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with director Anca Damian and leading actress Ana Ularu.

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