The winners of the Cultural Diplomacy residency for 2012

16 - 31/01/2012 @ ICR London, 1 Belgrave Square

We are happy to announce the winners of our Cultural Diplomacy Residency programme: Alexandra Rusu (for January-April), Ana-Maria Onisei (for April-July) and Ghenadie Sontu (for September-December).

Click here for the full list of candidates.

A big thank you to all applicants for their interest!

The main objectives of this innovative  programme of training and coaching in cultural management are:

- To develop skills and abilities that are crucial in project management and cultural diplomacy;

- To acquaint with the standards and practices that characterize one of the most sophisticated and competitive cultural markets in the world

- To learn the working practices and procedures of the Romanian Cultural Institute.

The residency begins with an intensive theoretical and practical training at ICR London and at a British cultural partner institution. Afterwards, the residents will work within our team on cultural projects in different areas: literature, music, dance etc.

More details about the programme.

When: January-December 2012
Where: Romanian Cultural Institute London