The Intrinsic Beauty of Mathematics: a talk by the outstanding writer and mathematician Bogdan Suceavă

28/06/2021 @ online | Website, Facebook page and YouTube channel

The next event in Today Consequential – our series of talks and events on relevant contemporary topics intersecting several fields of studies - is a formidable lecture by the Romanian writer and mathematician Bogdan Suceavă. Exploring the history of Gazeta matematică / Mathematical Gazette, an iconic periodical for several generations of mathematicians and the intellectual origins of International Mathematical Olympiad, Suceavă is delivering fascinating and thought-provoking insights both for mathematical and non-mathematical audiences. 

Mathematics’ inherent beauty transcends the conventional problem-solving competition, it ultimately reflects, as Suceavă stresses: ‘’something higher’’, a never-ending process of creation. Bright minds like Gheorghe Țițeica, Sebastian Kaufmann, Dan Barbilian (also known as the poet Ion Barbu), Nicolae Teodorescu are to be regarded not only as stellar moments for the Romanian mathematical tradition, but for the international one.

Bogdan Suceavă is a Romanian-American mathematician and writer. He is currently a Professor of Mathematics, specialized in Differential geometry, the foundations of geometry, and the history of mathematics, at the California State University, Fullerton. His mathematical works appeared in numerous journals, among which: Houston Journal of Mathematics, Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics, American Mathematical Monthly, Mathematical Intelligencer, Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie.

As a writer, Suceavă is well-known for Avalon. Secrets of Happy Immigrants (Avalon. Secretele emigrantilor fericiți), Coming from An Off-Key Time (Venea din timpul diez, published in English by Northwestern University Press) and Miruna, A Tale (Miruna, o poveste, published in English by Twisted Spoon Press) - for which he received the Fiction Award of the Association of Bucharest Writers. He writes predominantly in Romanian, but his short fiction in English has appeared in Review of Contemporary Fiction, Absinthe: New European Writing, and Red Mountain Review.

When: 28 June 2021, 19.00
Where: RCI London’s online channels: Facebook page, YouTube channel & later recorded on the website