03 - 09/11/2021 @ Romanian Cultural Institute London, 1 Belgrave Square, SW1X 8PH

Romania Rocks” is a short season of Romanian-British Literary events, organised by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, supported by the European Literature Network, and  taking place over one week. Romanias unique geology of living rocks”, its trovants, is the perfect metaphor for its literature scene, which has been rocking the country with innovation and invention since the Romanian Revolution over thirty years ago. Romania is producing some of the most original and surprising prose and poetry in Europe -  but its hardly known in Britain, although Romanians read Anglo-American authors widely. Which is why we came up with the idea of this series of Rock Talks”. Inviting some of the best writers from both Britain and Romania (the literaryRock Stars”!) to meet and talk about their writing, their countries and the issues closest to their heart is a creative way of bridging the divide – and providing audiences with some entertaining and enlightening conversation and literature from both countries. Each Rock Talk” evening event consists of a pair of authors, one from Romania, one from Britain, who we think will enjoy each others company. They meet on stage for their event in person* at the Romanian Cultural Institute in London from 1900 – 2030. Each Rock Talk” is professionally hosted and live-streamed, including if the authors wish, readings or performance, audience Q&A. All events take place in English. Authors do not need to have read each others work (although its super if they have do).  The invited authors are all known in each others countries and/or translated into each others languages – or about to be, as another ambition of Rock Talks” is to encourage more translations.

The first Romania Rocks” Festival took place from September-November 2020, and featured the largest ever gathering of Romanian and British novelists, poets, translators, academics and publishers in one festival. The Rock Talk series hosted a dozen conversations between, for example, Ben Okri and Norman Manea, Elif Shafak and Matei Vișniec, David Mitchell, Deborah Levy and Magda Carneçi. If youd like to dip into last years festival heres the link (they were all filmed and live-streamed):

If youd like to read more about Romanian writing in English you can read The Romanian Riveter, published by the European Literature Network (PDF online version):

                                                                                                                                       Rosie Goldsmith, European Literature Network


(*Covid-19 and travel regulations permitting; if in person attendance is not possible then the author will appear on Zoom.)