Radu Muntean’s 'One Floor Below' Premiers in Scotland

26 - 27/02/2016 @ Glasgow

Radu Muntean’s disturbing study of pusillanimity, 'One Floor Below' opens at the Glasgow Film Festival, Scotland’s ambitious showcase of international cinematic creativity. Scriptwriter Alexandru Baciu, the director’s long-time collaborator, will confer with the Glaswegians after the screenings.


"Returning home one night, Sandu Pătrașcu (Teodor Corban) hears a fierce quarrel between his neighbour Laura and her boyfriend Vali (Iulian Postelnicu). Laura is found dead the next day. Sandu can put two and two together, and yet he says nothing to the authorities and quietly continues his daily routines. What is he hiding? What does he fear? Events begin to catch up with him in this subtle, slow-burning morality tale." (GFF website)


Glasgow Film Festival (GFF) is committed to supporting emerging talent and providing audiences with the opportunity to see the best of world cinema. GFF's strands include the best of new Scottish and British features, art/experimental film and video, gaming, music, documentaries and an annual country focus.

GFF is fast becoming a major date in the festival calendar, with many UK distributors and exhibitors attending. Perfectly placed in February as a launch pad for spring and summer releases, GFF provides a high profile platform for film professionals, introducing some of the best new films to the UK's discerning audiences, film industry and press. 


When: Fri 26 Feb (18.15) & Sat 27 Feb (13.30)
Where: The CCA (Centre for Contemporary Art) Glasgow