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  Alda Dizdari   Music 7 November, 7pm
  ICR London

  Nostalgic Vibes in the Enescu Concerts Series

Romanian-trained Albanian violinist Alda Dizdari, praised for her suave interpretations, makes her debut in the Enescu Concerts Series with a recital full of melancholic fervour, which brings to life the enchanting harmonies of La Belle Epoque. Alda will be accompanied by pianist Tom Blach. In the programme: Enescu, Chausson, Sibelius and Ravel.

  Wild carpathia 3   Film 11 November, 7pm
  ICR London

  Charley Ottley Resumes Explorations in the Carpathian Garden

The third and last episode in the popular Wild Carpathia series takes us to Northern Romania and the Maramures - one of the most picturesque regions in The Carpathians. Presenter Charlie Ottley and his companions also explore also the scenic views of Moldova and Bucovina, where they marvel at the Painted Monasteries. The trip culminates with a conversation with HRH The Prince of Wales, an enthusiast of multicultural Transylvanian traditions. The special screening and the following reception are organised by the Romanian Embassy, with support from ICR London.

  Currency dance festival   Dance 14-23 November
  The Place, London

  Dance, London's New Currency

Romanian artists Florin Flueras and Alina Popa take part in Currency, London's newest dance festival, a common initiative of The Place, Crying Out Loud, EUNIC London and the EU Commission Representation in London. Some of the best choreographers on the continent congregate in London to recreate Europe with turns, spins and chaines.

  EUNIC London conference   Panel 20 November
  ICR London

  EUNIC London Annual Conference: Europe - Why Bother? Artists and Intellectuals Respond to Europe

We are delighted to host the 4th edition of one of EUNIC London’s flagship programmes, the annual conference of international cultural cooperation and cultural diplomacy. The event will bring together some great European names in the arts, academia and public affairs that will offer their contribution to the essential debate about the future of Europe. Romania is represented by Gabriela Adamesteanu, one of the country's most prominent novelists and public intellectuals.

  Columna   Visual Arts 21 November, 6.30pm
  ICR London

  Trajan 1900: Dacian Wars Brought to Life in 3D Vision

The Trajan 1900 programme opens in 1 Belgrave Square with a 3D photography exhibition by architect Matei Filip, portraying the dramatic narrative of the great emperor’s conquest of Dacia. A partnership with the National Museum of Romanian History, the exhibition will present 125 scenes from the cast of the Column in Bucharest, offering a fresh perspective on the amazing story and sculptural detail of the timeless monument.

  Columna   Film 21 November, 7.30pm
  ICR London

  Trajan 1900: British Star Richard Johnson Introduces Historical Epic Columna

Columna (The Column), a grand cinematic chronicle of the most consequential moments in European history, directed by Mircea Dragan, screens at the Romanian Cinemateque. A star-studded international cast, crowned by Richard Johnson, Amza Pellea and Antonella Lualdi, the film portrays one of the most ferocious battles of the Ancient World, that between Trajan’s Roman legions and the Dacians led by the valiant king Decebal.

  Columna   Visual Arts 6 Dec & 17 Jan (TBC)
  V&A London

  Trajan 1900: Romanian Artists Dreamrec and Rochite Revisit the Famous Column with Lasers and Sound

V&A's replica of Trajan's Column is brought to life in a spectacular show of video mapping, projections, lasers and soundtrack by innovative visual artist Dreamrec and musician Rochite. The show, preceded by a documentary about the Column and its significance, will run in the museum’s Casts Court, as part of the Late at the V&A.

  Columna   Talks 23 Nov, 2.30pm
  V&A London

  Trajan 1900: British-Romanian Panel Discusses the Avatars of the Most Famous Column

Dr Ernest Oberlander-Tarnoveanu, Director of Romania's National History Museum, joins a select ensemble of British specialists and enthusiasts of Roman history, to discuss the story of Trajan’s Column in Rome and of its impressive casts in London and Bucharest, as well as the legacy of the timeless monument for Romanian identity and international artistic heritage.

  Columna   Talks 27 Nov-1 Dec
  Science Museum, London

  Technology Wizards Create Electronic Fauna

The latest Romanian robotic inventions will feature, for the first time, in the Robot Safari EU festival, a showcase of scientific imagination, which will take place at one of London's landmark cultural scenes, the Science Museum. The creators of the three Romanian biomimetic robots - DodecaRob, Jellyfish and Piranha - come to London to demonstrate the skillfulness of their amazing machines.

 Future events – save the date & book ahead
  Independenta   Film 1 December, 4pm
  Barbican Cinema, London

  The First Ever Romanian Feature Film, The War for Independence, at the Barbican Centre

Right on the National Day of Romania, we celebrate the birth of our cinema with an exceptional screening of the first full length feature, The War for Independence (Independenta Romaniei, 1912) presented in the Barbican Cinema's Silent Film series. The film will screen with live music performed by London based American composer and pianist Lola Perrin.

Ongoing Projects
  Aurel Vlaicu   Other until 2 December
  ICR London

  Romanians Against Gravity: Aurel Vlaicu, Flight Daredevil

We continue the tribute to one of the world's most enigmatic and daring pioneers of flight, Aurel Vlaicu. A mechanical genius raised from humble origins to international fame and an aviator of reckless courage, Vlaicu was an important figure of the 20th century tremendous technological revolution that conquered gravity and put man in the skies. A UK premiere, the exhibition showcases a replica of his flight machine.

  Biblioteca romaneasca   Biblioteca 
 ICR London

  Romanian Books and Stories in the Heart of Belgravia

Thanks to the generous support of several publishing houses present at the London Book Fair, the collection of the Romanian Library has been enriched with more than 230 of the latest Romanian books of fiction, as well as with useful reference books. Make your pick by visiting the newly launched Library webpage, including an online search catalogue (by author, title and domain), a list of the Romanian books in English, the book & quote of the month and the literary calendar.

  Film ICR   Film 

  An Incursion into Splendour

The House of Romania, situated in the prestigious Belgrave Square, one of the grandest and largest 19th century squares in London, has a rich history. It was erected in the 1860s, was appropriated by the Romanian government before WWII and has functioned as embassy, ambassadorial residence or cultural institute ever since. Our enthusiastic friends from Adrienne Photography have finished a short video documentary that takes us into all corners of this majestic building. Start the tour!

  Constantin Silvestri   Music 3 October, 7pm
  ICR London

  Inspiration and Improvisation: a Piano Extravaganza in Celebration of the great Constantin Silvestri

The Romanian Cultural Institute is proud to open its 2013-2014 season of the Enescu Concerts Series with a piano extravaganza celebrating the genius of Constantin Silvestri at 100 years since his birth. The concert is presented by renowned pianists Anda Anastasescu and Alberto Portugheis, joined by oboist Aurel Marc and two of the Silvestri Scholarship alumni, Octavia Marc Raceu and Daniel Ciobanu.

  Mirela Oprisor   Theatre 6 October, 3pm & 7pm
 The Cockpit Theatre London

  Theatre series Tales Told in Romanian opens to the British public

The funny, intelligent and vibrantly compassionate performance Once upon a Second Time, by Mimi Branescu, starring Vlad Zamfirescu and Mirela Oprisor, will open the theatre series Tales Told in Romanian to the British audiences. The play captures the ups and downs of life in a hilarious and poignant manner, speaking about the idea of a second chance in love and the complicated relationships between generations.

  Romanian Cultural Days in Reykjavik   Other 6-13 October

  Romanian Cultural Days in Reykjavik

The festival will present a wonderful range of events, featuring acclaimed artists and intellectuals as well as the best of Romanian classical and contemporary music, film, spoken word, wine & cuisine. Our guests include highly praised musicians Remus Azoitei and Eduard Stan, film director Stere Gulea, historian Adrian Cioroianu, poet Doina Ioanid, flamboyant saxophonist and DJ Lucian Nagy and his Triolectric band, and wine guru Dan Balaban. Join us for seven unforgettable evenings of thrills and spills!

  BFI 2013   Film 10-15 October
  Various cinemas

  Romanian heavyweights at the 57th edition of the BFI London Film Festival

In its fourth year, our partnership with the British Film Institute brings to London the year’s best Romanian films and helmers for a series of illuminating events. Join us for the screening of 2013 Golden Bear winner Child’s Pose (Pozitia copilului), followed by a conversation with director Calin Peter Netzer. Don’t also miss acclaimed Adrian Sitaru’s short House Party (Chefu’).

  Chilingirian Quartet   Music 20 October, 7.45pm
  Southbank Centre, London

  Renowned Chilingirian Quartet and special guests perform Enescu’s magnificent String Octet at Southbank Centre

The Romanian Cultural Institute and The London Chamber Music Society present George Enescu's magnificent String Octet within the 2013-2014 Classical Season at Southbank Centre, the Purcell Room. Alongside Enescu’s masterpiece, the programme features the Second String Sextet by Brahms. The recital will be performed by one of the most reputed British ensembles, The Chilingirian Quartet, and guest string soloists Horia Vacarescu – violin, Alexander Sitkovetsky – violin, Vladimir Mendelssohn – viola and Alexander Chaushian – cello.

  Alex Drace Francis   Literature 21 October, 7pm
  ICR London

  Inside Romanianness

Alex Drace-Francis and Ruxandra Trandafoiu, the authors of the newest Western incursions into our national soul – The Traditions of Invention. Romanian Social and Ethnic Stereotypes in Historical Context (Brill Publishers, 2013) and, respectively, Diaspora Online. Identity Politics and Romanian Migrants (Berghahn Publishers, 2013) - examine the stereotypes, misunderstandings, and transformations of Romanian identity at home and abroad in a pursuit of a multi-faceted, ever-changing reality.

  Cor Psaltic Craiova   Music 13&15 September
  Leeds & London

  The Hymns of Mystical Byzantium in London and Leeds

The Romanian Cultural Institute is proud to invite you on a musical journey to mysterious Byzantium in the company of acclaimed men’s choir “Saint Demetrius”. The Craiova-based group promises a rare musical experience featuring grave, ravishing tonalities of the Orthodox Church music, which is seldom performed in Britain and almost never in English.

  Clara Cernat & Thierry Huilet   Music 14 September, 9.45am
  Kings Place, London

  The Little Prince: A Musical Story Told by Thierry Huillet and Clara Cernat

One of European musical scene’s most endearing and charismatic couple, French composer and pianist Thierry Huillet and acclaimed Romanian violinist Clara Cernat, will take us to a vivid musical illustration of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's classic story, The Little Prince, as part of the 2013 Kings Place Festival.

  Ghenadie Sontu   Residency 17 September - 17 November
  ICR London

  Our Cultural Diplomacy Programme Welcomes Its Fourth Recipient

ICR's training and coaching scheme in cultural diplomacy continues with the arrival of cultural manager and artist Ghenadie Sontu, the fourth winner of the scholarship since the programme's launch in the summer of 2011.

  Open House   Other 21-22 September
  ICR London

  Architectural Delight: A Pre-Victorian House Revealed

Come and discover the shapes and volumes of a grand mansion, full of rich history, the work of Thomas Cubitt - perhaps the most important figure in the building industry for the first half of the nineteenth century. Our doors are wide open for lovers of elegant halls, adorned with old furniture and paintings by great Romanian artists.

  Balanescu Quartet   Music 22 September, 7pm
  LSO St Luke’s, London

  Balanescu Quartet Pays Tribute to Maria Tanase, the Ultimate Diva of Romanian Stage

The Romanian Cultural Institute honors legendary singer Maria Tanase (1913-1963) with Maria T, a touching musical homage composed by Romanian-born composer Alexander Balanescu and performed by his quartet with a visual echo by Klaus Obermaier.

  Aurel Vlaicu   Other 24 September, 7pm
  ICR London

  Romanians Against Gravity: Aurel Vlaicu, Flight Daredevil

Join us in the celebration of one of the world's most enigmatic and daring pioneers of flight, Aurel Vlaicu. A mechanical genius raised from humble origins to international fame and an aviator of reckless courage, Vlaicu was an important figure of the 20th century tremendous technological revolution that conquered gravity and put man in the skies. A UK premiere, the exhibition showcases a replica of his flight machine, as well as the original helmet and flying gear worn by the aviator during his last flight.

  Aurel Vlaicu Film   Film 24 September, 8pm
  ICR London

  Special Screening: Aurel Vlaicu by Mircea Dragan

The opening of the exhibition Romanians Against Gravity: Aurel Vlaicu, Flight Daredevil, commemorating 100 years from the death of the legendary aviator, will also include the screening of Mircea Dragan's touching biopic Aurel Vlaicu (1977). In Romanian with English subtitles.

  Modern Poetry in Translation   Literature 26 September, 7pm
  ICR London

  Between Clay and Star: Astounding Voices of Romanian Verse in English Translation

We are delighted to host the launch of the Modern Poetry in Translation summer issue Between Clay and Star including a feature on Romanian poetry. Four of the most exciting Romanian poets, whose work spans the twentieth and twenty-first century, Ana Blandiana, Gellu Naum, Dan Sociu and Liliana Ursu, are all represented in fine new translations. A night to remember with poetry readings and Romanian music performed by Monooka's Caravan.

  Irina Botan   Music 27 September, 1pm
  St Martin-in-the-Fields, London

  Romanian Irina Botan is September’s Pianist of the World at SMITF

We’re back in St. Martin-in-the-Fields’ most popular concert series, “Pianist of the World”, with a recital offered by indefatigable musician and cultural animator Irina Botan. The programme includes pieces by Haydn, Chopin, Rachmaninoff as well as a piano composition by revered Romanian composer Mihail Jora, which will be performed for the first time on the popular musical stage of Trafalgar Square.

  SMITF   Music 20 August, 1pm
  St Martin-in-the-Fields London

  Summer Ethereal Arpeggios at St Martin-in-the-Fields

The popular Romanian Cultural Institute Series at St. Martin-in-the-Fields is welcoming acclaimed harpist Paula Popa and violinist Florica Grigoras, in a rare treat of ethereal scores. The duo will perform timeless works by Ciprian Porumbescu, Luigi Maurizio Tedeschi, Pablo Sarasate, Jules Massenet and Camille Saint-Saens.

  Octavian Saiu   Theatre 23-30 August

  Octavian Saiu reflects on Beckett and his posterity at the Edinburgh International Festival

Theatre critic and professor Octavian Saiu joins a select ensemble of British specialists in and aficionados of Beckett, comprised of journalist Jeremy How (BBC Radio 4), dramatist Jonathan Myerson, Derval Tubridy (Goldsmiths College) and Mark Nixon (Beckett scholar), to discuss the great Irishman's relevance today and his innovative ways of staking his work.

  Romania on the Radar   Music 2 July, 7pm
 The Forge London

  Romania on the RADAR: Mercury Quartet Light Up the Forge

The RADAR Concert Series was created by Mercury Quartet at London’s trendy and intimate The Forge Club in Camden and represents the ensemble’s aim at discovering and showcasing the most exciting emerging composers alongside masterworks of the 20th and 21st century.

  Rocker   Film 8 July, 6pm
 Rich Mix London

  Rocker by Marian Crisan at the East End Film Festival 2013

The fifth consecutive collaboration with our friends from the East End Film Festival brings to London one of the most anticipated Romanian films of 2013: Marian Crisan’s Rocker. We are pleased to support lead actor Alin State’s presence in London for a Q&A session after the screening. Do not also miss Trois Exercises (dir. Cristi Puiu) on 6 July, 2pm @ Genesis Cinema.

  Conferinta   Conference 10-12 July
 ICR London & House of Lords

  Cultural Diplomacy in the Spotlight: International Cooperation across Six Continents

For two days, 1 Belgrave Square will become the setting for a professional exchange that brings together dignitaries, heads of state, ministers, politicians, diplomats, academics, authors, human rights activists, journalists, and artists with the aim of debating the role of culture in international relations. The event's main organiser is the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, and will also be hosted by the House of Lords.

  SMITF   Music 12 July, 1pm
  St Martin-in-the-Fields London

  Enescu, a soundtrack for Trafalgar Square

The Romanian Series at the popular St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square resume with a concert by violinist Eva Demeter and pianist Theodoros Iosifidis who will make the music of George Enescu resound once more on the prestigious venue in central London. The masterful duo present a programme including, besides Enescu, works by Mozart and Janacek.

  Variatiuni enigmatice   Theatre 13 July, 3pm
 Leicester Square Theatre London

  Mircea Diaconu and Alexandru Repan, two sacred monsters of Romanian theatre, join West End's star-studded theatrical community

Catch the one-off performance of Eric Emmanuel Schmitt's bitter-sweet Enigma Variations, starring two of the greatest Romanian theatre actors, Mircea Diaconu and Alexandru Repan, and join us in the celebration of Romanian language and thespian excellence.

  Despre oameni si melci   Film 18 July, 6.30pm
 Gate Picturehouse Cinema

  Special Screening: Of Snails And Men (Despre oameni si melci) premieres in London

Romanian box office hit Of Snails and Men will have its much awaited London premiere on 18 July, at the Gate Picturehouse cinema, in the presence of acclaimed director Tudor Giurgiu and beloved actress Monica Birladeanu.

  Wild Carpathia