Past Present: Artist Talk and Performance by Ioana Marinescu & Guests at Beaconsfield Gallery

19/05/2021 @ online | Website, Facebook page and YouTube channel

Past Present is a series of spectacular performative actions conceived by artist Ioana Marinescu and guests during her three-week residency at the prestigious Beaconsfield Gallery, located in the heart of London.

Ioana Marinescu’s artistic perspective is exploring modalities of bringing the archive to life through movement and everyday objects. As part of her residency, Marinescu has collaborated with Hanna Gillgren, of H2Dance, to develop a series of movements connected to her research on the various spaces of memory. The chosen space - Beaconsfield Gallery, which is a former school cut in half by an expansion of the railway - resonates with Ioana Marinescu’s artistic idea. In connection with Ioana's interventions, the lens-based artist Elena Andreea Teleagă made a site-specific piece of work using found archival material. In her practice, Andreea is working with a collection of postcards dating from 1936 up to late 1980s and with 35mm slides, exploring the role of images in creating collective memories. Ioana and Andreea’s collaboration for Past Present is a fascinating starting point for a bigger project on how archives affect memories. 

The residency ended with a thought-provoking artist-talk with Ioana Marinescu and choreographer Hanna Gillgren, moderated by Naomi Siderfin, director of Beaconsfield Gallery. RCI London has documented the project which includes a performance by Hanna Gillgren and Ioana Marinescu, as well as an intervention by Elena Andreea Teleagă.

Ioana Marinescu has a background in architecture and a practice of photography. She works with large images in public spaces, projections and live actions and she is particularly interested in the way in which gestures of power and acts of displacement are re-enacted through archival imagery and testimonies. Her work has been presented at the Architectural Association and RIBA in London, at the Cité du patrimoine et de l’architecture in Paris, at the Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna and at the Canadian Center for Architecture, Montreal. She has undertaken research by practice at the Slade School of Art in London and teaches photography and architecture in the UK and Sweden.

Elena-Andreea Teleagă is a lens-based media artist whose work is rooted in photography. She creates installations using analogue photography, photo-montages, collages and projections in order to explore the relationship between experience, space and existence, delving into the experimental side of photography. Her background is inevitably visible in the body of work which questions the historical past and the present socio-political context. More at

Hanna Gillgren studied dance at London Contemporary Dance School. Since 1999, Hanna has co-directed H2DANCE together with Heidi Rustgaard, creating more than 16 performances together. She regularly teaches workshops and professional classes in the UK, Sweden and Norway in a variety of contexts ranging from children to professionals.

Naomi Siderfin is an artist-curator and one of the founding directors of the artist-led organisation Beaconsfield with which her personal practice has been closely aligned.  She holds a Royal Academy Postgraduate Diploma and currently she is a PhD candidate at Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. The co-curation of an international programme of visual art projects within Beaconsfield Gallery, since 1995, catalysed Siderfin’s departure from studio-based painting into a situated art practice, relying on site and duration to drive it. 

Past Present is commissioned by Beaconsfield and supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute in conjunction with the DCMS Cultural Recovery Fund

When: 19 May 2021, 19.00
Where: RCI London’s online channels: Facebook page, YouTube channel & website