Our Cultural Diplomacy Programme Reignites as the Year Begins

16 - 31/01/2012 @ ICR London, 1 Belgrave Square

Our training and coaching scheme in cultural diplomacy continues in 2012 with the arrival of young editor and publisher Alexandra Rusu, the second recipient of the scholarship since the Cultural Diplomacy Residency Programme was launched in the summer of 2011.  

In the following three months, Alexandra will have the chance to develop skills and abilities that are crucial in cultural project management and cultural diplomacy; acquaint with the standards and practices that characterize one of the most sophisticated and competitive cultural markets in the world; and initiate in the procedures and working practices adopted in cultural diplomacy actions of the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Alexandra Rusu is a young publishing professional who read English at the University of Bucharest and holds a masters degree in English literature and culture. She is the editor-in-chief of Allfa Publishing and worked also for two of the most prestigious Romanian publishing companies, Humanitas and ALL Publishing House, and in one multinational media company, DeAgostini. She coordinated “Strada fictiunii” (Fiction Street), an editorial series showcasing foreign and Romanian writers, and “Raftul întai” (The Front Shelf).

The programme will begin with an intensive theoretical and practical training at ICR London and at a British cultural partner institution. Afterwards, Alexandra will work within our team on cultural projects in different areas: literature, dance, theatre etc.