Oana Giurgiu’s Touching 'Aliyah DaDa', for the Holocaust Memorial Day

28/01/2016 @ RCI London

The Romanian Cinematheque reopens en force in 2016 with the UK premiere of Oana Giurgiu’s debut documentary 'Aliyah DaDa' (2014), to mark the International Holocaust Memorial Day. Followed by a Q&A session with the director.

The film presents a well documented history of the Jews in Romania. 133 years ago, a small community in Moinești was leaving for the Holy Land, to establish one of the first kibbutzim in Palestine. Since then, the path of Jews towards Israel has been intertwined with the history of modern Romania through an ambiguous relationship like everywhere in Europe. The historical tale is visually trimmed in the Dada style as a tribute to the pioneers of this movement, Tristan Tzara and Marcel Janco, two Jews of Romanian descent.

'Aliyah DaDa' follows 130 years in the history of Romanian Jews, including the saga of the continuous emigration to Palestine and later Israel, through a colourful collage of human stories against the backdrop of European and Middle Eastern history.


A graduate of Journalism and Law, Oana Giurgiu has extensive experience as a producer, as well as organising Transilvania International Film Festival. Her career as a film producer includes titles such as 'Love Sick' (directed by Tudor Giurgiu), 'Katalin Varga' (directed by Peter Strickland), 'Kino Caravan' (directed by Titus Muntean), 'Somewhere in Palilula' (directed by Silviu Purcărete), and 'Of Snails and Men' (directed by Tudor Giurgiu). 'Aliyah DaDa', her first documentary film, was awarded the Prize for Best Documentary Production at the INDIE IPIFF Festival in 2015.


When: Thursday 28 January 2016, 7pm
Where: Romanian Cultural Institute London
Free entry. Please book your seat here.