Literary Calendar: MARCH

March 1st
1837- birth of Ion Creangă (d.1889), writer, journalist

March 3

1904 - birth of Mircea Vulcănescu (d.1952), philologist, philosopher and theologist


March 5th
1955 - death of Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu (b. 1876), novelist

March 7th

1942 - birth of Grigore Scarlat, poet


March 8th

1910 - birth of Radu Tudoran (d. 1992), novelist

March 9

1907 - birth of Mircea Eliade (d. 1986), historian of religion, philosopher, novelist

March 11

1936 – death of Garabet Ibrăileanu (b. 1871), essayist, novelist

March 12

1885 - birth of Mateiu I. Caragiale (d. 1936), poet, novelist
1940 - birth of Virgil Nemoianu, essayist, literary critic, eseist, critic literar, philosopher of culture
1965 - death of George Călinescu (b. 1899), literary critic and historian, novelist


March 13th

1891 - birth of Felix Aderca (d. 1962), prose writer, poet, essayist

March 14

1854 - birth of Alexandru Macedonski (d.1920), poet, novelist, playwright, essayist
1919 - birth of Alexandru Paleologu (d. 2005), essayist, literary critic


March 17th

1819 - birth of Alecu Russo (d. 1859), poet, prose writer, essayist,  essayist, memoirist
1883 - birth of Urmuz (d. 1923), vanguardist
2005 - death of Adrian Marino (b. 1921), essayist, literary critic and theoretician

March 18

1973 - death of Demostene Botez (b. 1893), writer, publicist, academician

March 19

1865 - death of Nicolae Filimon (b. 1819), prose writer
1895 - birth of Ion Barbu (d. 1961), poet and mathematician

March 20

1886 - birth of George Topârceanu (d.1937), poet, prose writer, memoirist

March 21

2000 - death of Mircea Zaciu (b. 1928), literary critic and historian


March 24th

1921 - birth of Traian Coşovei (d. 1993), poet

March 25

1885 - birth of Mateiu I. Caragiale (d. 1936), poet and prose writer
1942 - birth of Ana Blandiana, poet and prose writer

March 26

1931 - birth of Mircea Ivănescu (d. 2011), poet, essayist


March 29th
1971 - death of Perpessicius (b. 1891), literary critic and historian, folklorist, essayist

March 31
1933 - birth of Nichita Stănescu (d. 1983), poet, essayist





February 1st

1934 – birth of Nicolae Breban, novelist, essayist and playwright


February 2nd

1821 - death of Petru Maior (b. 1760) , historian, philosopher and linguist


February 3rd

1954 - death of Ionel Teodoreanu (b. 1897), novelist and lawyer 


February 5th

1859 - death of Alecu Russo (b. 1819), poet, essayist, memoirist and literary critic


February 6th

1908 – birth of Geo Bogza (d. 1993), ), avant-garde theorist, poet and journalist


February 7th

1777 – birth of Dinicu Golescu (d. 1830), boyar and man of letters


February 8th

1979 - death Alexandru Al. Philippide (b. 1900), linguist and philologist


February 10th

1902 – birth of Anton Holban (d. 1937), novelist and essayist


February 12th

1894 – birth of Otilia Cazimir (d. 1967), poetess, translator and publicist


February 14th

1937 – birth of Dumitru Ţepeneag, novelist, essayist and translator


February 15th

1840 – birth of Titu Maiorescu (d. 1917), lawyer, literary critic, essayist and politician


February 17th

1952 – birth of Stelian Tănase, essayist, historian, publicist and film director


February 19th

1633 – birth of Miron Costin (d. 1691), chronicler, writer and historiographer 

1936 – birth of Marin Sorescu (d. 1996), poet, playwright, essayist and translator


February 20th

1924 – birth of Eugen Barbu (d. 1993), novelist, journalist and publicist


February 22nd

1903 – birth of Tudor Muşatescu (d. 1970), poet, playwright and short-story writer 


February 23rd

1912 – birth of Romulus Vulcănescu (d. 1999), writer and ethnologist


February 24th

1968 – death of Al. Duiliu Zamfirescu (b. 1892), novelist, poet and memoirist 


February 26th

1938 - birth of Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu (d. 1907), writer and philologist 


February 27th

1990 - death of Al. Rosetti (b. 1895), linguist, philologist and historian of the Romanian Language


February 28th

1754 – birth of Gheorghe Şincai (d. 1816), poet, historian, philologist and translator


January 1st 

1939 -birth of Emil Brumaru, poet

1956 - birth of Magda Cârneci, poet, essayist and Art historian


January 3rd 

1969 - birth of Cezar Mazilu, poet and short-story writer


January 4th 

1931 - birth of Nora Iuga, poet, novelist and translator

1954 - death of Elena Farago (b. 1878), poet, author of children’s literature 


January 5th 

1878 - birth of Emil Gârleanu (d. 1914), short-story writer, journalist, film director, writer for television and film

1950 - birth of Ioan Petru Culianu (d. 1991), historian of religion, culture and ideas; philosopher, essayist and short-story writer


January 6th 

1802 - birth of Ion Heliade Rădulescu (d. 1872), poet, essayist, philologist, founding member of the Romanian Academy

1881 - birth of Ion Minulescu (d. 1944), poet and short-story writer


January 9th 

1955 - birth of Ion Mureşan, poet 


January 10th 

1960 - birth of Ioana Pârvulescu, novelist, essayist, critic


January 11th 

1943 - birth of Florin Manolescu, critic, historian of literature and short-story writer 


January 12th 

1961 - birth of Corin Braga, novelist and critic 


January 15th 

1850 - birth of Mihai Eminescu (d. 1889), national poet of Romania, prose writer and journalist

1937 - death of Anton Holban (b. 1902), novelist


January 17th 

1936 - death of Mateiu I. Caragiale (b. 1885), poet and novelist 


January 18th 

1848 - birth of Ioan Slavici (d. 1925), novelist, playwright, short-story writer 

2009 - death of Grigore Vieru (b. 1935), poet


January 20th 

1757 - birth of Ioan Cantacuzino (d. 1828) 


January 21st 

1927 - birth of Petru Creţia (d. 1997), philosopher, essayist and translator


January 23rd 

1940 - birth of Ileana Mălăncioiu, poet and essayist 


January 24th 

1889 - birth of Victor Eftimiu (d. 1972), playwright, essayist and translator 


January 28th 

1889 - birth of Martha Bibescu (d. 1973), novelist and poet 


January 29th 

1956 - birth of Matei Vişniec, poet and playwright


January 30th 

1852 - birth of I.L. Caragiale (d. 1912), playwright, short-story writer and columnist, the foremost Romanian dramatistDecember 1st
1892 – birth of Cezar Petrescu (d. 1961), journalist, novelist and translator
1948 – birth of Aurel Codoban, essayist and philosopher
December 2nd
1935 – birth of Nicolae Labiş (d. 1956), poet
December 3rd
1991 – death of Petre Ţuţea (b. 1902), essayist, philosopher, economist 
December 4th
1987 – death of Constantin Noica (b. 1909), philosopher, essayist and poet
December 5th
1974 – death of Zaharia Stancu (b. 1902), prose writer, novelist, poet, and philosopher
December 8th
1876 – birth of Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu (d. 1955), novelist of the interwar period
1996 – death of Marin Sorescu (b. 1936), poet, playwright, novelist, essayist and translator
December 11th
2011 – death of Leonida Lari (b. 1949), poet and journalist
December 13th
1983 – death of Nichita Stănescu (b. 1933), poet and essayist
December 18th 
1915 – birth of Vintilă Horia (d. 1992), writer, poet, editor and publicist 
1964 – birth of Carmen Muşat, essayist and literary critic
December 20th
1946 – birth of Andrei Codrescu, Romanian-born American poet, novelist, essayist, screenwriter
December 24th
1968 – birth of Doina Ioanid, poet
December 26th
1962 – death of Radu Stanca (b. 1920), poet, playwright, theatre critic
December 28th
1941 – birth of Ioana Em. Petrescu (d. 1990), literary critic and historian 
1955 – birth of Magda Cârneci, poet, art historian and essayist
December 31st
1889 – death of Ion Creangă (b. 1837), writer and raconteur


November 2nd
1816 – death of Gheorghe Şincai (b. 1754), historian, philologist, translator, poet, and representative of the Transylvanian School

November 4th
1907 – birth of Cella Serghi (d. 1992), writer, publicist and translator

November 5th
1880 – birth of Mihail Sadoveanu (d. 1961), novelist, short story writer, journalist and political figure  

November 7th
1916 – birth of Mihai Şora, philosopher and essayist

November 10th
1945 – birth of George Ţărnea (d. 2003), poet 

November 11th
1950 – birth of Mircea Dinescu, writer and publicist

November 12th
1950 – birth of Mircea Nedelciu (d. 1999), short-story writer, novelist, essayist and literary critic

November 17th
1944 – death of Magda Isanos (b. 1916), poet and publicist

November 19th
1923 – birth of Monica Lovinescu (d. 2008), essayist, short story writer, literary critic, translator, and journalist

November 23rd
1920 – birth of Paul Celan (d. 1970), poet and translator

November 24th
1920 – death of Alexandru Macedonski (b. 1854), poet, novelist, dramatist and literary critic

November 27th
1884 – birth of Vasile Voiculescu (d. 1963), poet, short-story writer and playwright
1885 – birth of Liviu Rebreanu (d. 1944), novelist, playwright, short story writer
1924 – birth of Nina Cassian, poet, essayist and translator
1939 – birth of Nicolae Manolescu, literary critic, essayist and journalist

November 28th
1973 – death of Martha Bibescu (b. 1886), writer of the Belle Époque

November 29th
1958 – birth of Carmen Firan, poet, novelist, short story writer, journalist, and playwright



October 1st
1956 – birth of Cristian Tudor Popescu, journalist, essayist and short-story writer

October 2nd
1935 – birth of Paul Goma, writer, also known for his activities as a dissident and leading opponent of the communist regime
1944 – death of Benjamin Fundoianu (b. 1898), Romanian and French poet, critic and essayist

October 3rd
1954 – birth of Ioan Groşan, prose­‑writer, playwright and journalist
1969 – birth of Radu Pavel Gheo, fiction writer and essayist

October 5th
1902 – birth of Zaharia Stancu (d. 1974), prose writer, novelist, poet, and philosopher
1950 – birth of Doina Uricariu, poet and essayist

October 6th
1902 – birth of Petre Ţuţea (d. 1991), philosopher, journalist and economist

October 9th
1956 – birth of Daniel Vighi, prose writer, essayist and publicist

October 18th
1980 – death of Teodor Mazilu (b. 1930), playwright

October 19th
1935 – death of Gib. I. Mihăescu (b. 1894), novelist and dramatist
1961 – death of Mihail Sadoveanu (b. 1880), novelist, short story writer, journalist and political figure

October 22nd
1907 – birth of Cella Serghi (d. 1992), one of the most prolific writers of the inter-war period

October 26th
1673 – birth of Dimitrie Cantemir (d. 1723), prolific man of letters, twice a Prince of Moldavia

October 28th
1952 – death of Mircea Vulcănescu (b. 1904), philosopher, sociologist and economist

October 29th
1930 – birth of Radu Cosaşu, contemporary short story writer

October 30th
1858 – birth of Duiliu Zamfirescu (d. 1922), novelist, poet, short story writer
1954 – birth of Mihai Măniuţiu, theatre director and playwright

October 31st
1881 – birth of Eugen Lovinescu (d. 1943), literary historian, literary critic and novelist



September 1st
1944 – death of Libiu Rebreanu (b. 1885), novelist, playwright and short story writer

September 4th
1881 – birth of George Bacovia (d. 1957), poet

September 5th
1921 – birth of Adrian Marino (d. 2005), essayist and literary critic

September 8th
1909 – birth of Max Blecher (d. 1938), Romanian writer of Jewish origin

September 14th
1993 – death of Geo Bogza (b. 1908), Avant-garde theorist and poet

September 15th
1911 – birth of Emil Botta (d. 1977), actor and writer
1969 – birth of Dan Lungu, novelist, short story writer, poet and playwright

September 16th
1983 – death of Horia Lovinescu (b. 1917), playwright

September 17th
1953 – birth of Herta Müller, novelist, poet, essayist and recipient of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature

September 19th
1992 – death of Cella Serghi (b. 1907), one of the most famous writers of the inter-war period

September 20th
1866 – birth of George Coşbuc (d. 1918), poet 

September 21st
1864 – birth of Elena Văcărescu (d. 1947), Romanian-French aristocrat writer, twice a laureate of the Académie française

September 22nd
1938 – birth of Augustin Buzura, novelist, short story writer and essayist

September 27th
1969 – birth of Bogdan Suceavă, writer and publicist

September 29th
2001 – death of Gellu Naum (b. 1915), poet, playwright and novelist



August 2nd
1915 – birth of Gellu Naum (1915-2001), poet, dramatist, novelist, children's writer and translator

August 4th
1889 – death of Veronica Micle (b. 1850), poet, muse for Mihai Eminescu

August 5th
1922 – birth of Marin Preda (d. 1980), novelist, one of the best-known post-WWII Romanian writers

August 7th
1917 – birth of Horia Lovinescu (d. 1983), dramatist

August 8th
1902 – birth of Saşa Pană (d. 1981), avant-garde poet, novelist, and short story writer.

August 9th
1991 – death of Cella Delavrancea (b. 1887), pianist and writer

August 11th
1884 – birth of Panait Istrati (d. 1935), writer of French and Romanian expression, nicknamed The Maxim Gorky of the Balkans 
1961 – death of Ion Barbu (b. 1985), poet and mathematician

August 12th
1816 – birth of Ion Ghica (d. 1897), writer, mathematician, diplomat, Prime Minister and president of the Romanian Academy

August 15th
1948 – birth of Lucian Avramescu, poet and journalist

August 17th
1925 – death of Ioan Slavici (b. 1848), writer and journalist
1963 – birth of Ruxandra Cesereanu, poet, essayist, short story writer, novelist and literary critic

August 22nd
1890 – death of Vasile Alecsandri (b. 1821), poet, playwright, politician and diplomat

August 23rd
1948 – birth of Andrei Pleşu, philosopher, essayist, journalist, literary and art critic



July 1st

1926 – birth of Gheorghe Ursu (d. 1985), poet, prose writer
1954 – birth of Alexandru Muşina (d. June 2013), poet, essayist, publicist, editor

July 2nd

1926 – birth of Octavian Paler (d. 2007), essayist, prose writer, publicist
July 9th

1900 – birth of Al. Graur (m. 1988), linguist

July 12th  

1933 – birth of Alexandru Ivasiuc (d. 1977), prose writer, novelist
1999 – death of Mircea Nedelciu (b. 1950), writer

July 14th

1967 – death of Tudor Arghezi (b. 1880), poet, prose writer, pamphleteer
July 16th

1943 – death of E. Lovinescu (b. 1881), literary critic and historian, cultural theoretician, cultural sociologist, playwright, novelist

July 19th

1936 – birth of Norman Manea, novelist, essayist

July 20th

1943 – birth of Adrian Păunescu (d. 2010), poet, publicist

July 21st

2011 – death of Mircea Ivănescu (b. 1931), prose writer, poet, essayist, translator

July 24th

1909 – birth of Constantin Noica (d. 1987), philosopher, poet, essayist, publicist, writer
1977 – death of Emil Botta (n. 1911), poet, prose writer, actor 

July 29th

1912 – birth of N. Steinhardt (d. 1989), essayist, prose writer, Orthodox monk

July 30th

1894 – birth of Al. O. Teodoreanu (d. 1964), writer


June 1st

1956 – birth of Mircea Cărtărescu, poet, prose writer, essayist
June 3rd  

1922 – death of  Duiliu Zamfirescu (n. 1858), novelist, poet, journalist

June 4th

1961 – death of Alice Voinescu (n. 1885), writer, essayist, theatre translator, the first Romanian woman to hold a PhD degree

June 5th

1779 – birth of Gheorghe Lazăr (d. 1823), pedagogue, theologian and engineer, founder of national education system in Romanian language in Wallachia

1871 – birth of  Nicolae Iorga (m. 1940), historian, literary critic, playwright, poet, encyclopaedist,  politician, academician

June 9th  

1938 – death of Ovid Densuşianu (n. 1873), philologist, linguist, folklorist, literary historian, poet

1912 – death of Ion Luca Caragiale (n. 1852), playwright, prose writer, poet, journalist

June 15th  

1889 – death of  Mihai Eminescu (n. 1850), poet, prose writer, journalist, considered the national poet of Romania

June 16th  

1947 – birth of  Ştefan Agopian, writer

June 18th

1917 – death of  Titu Maiorescu (b. 1840), academician, literary critic, essayist, aesthetician, philosopher, founding member of the Romanian Academy

June 19th  

1899 – birth of G. Călinescu (d. 1965), literary critic, novelist, essayist

June 20th  

1995 – death of  Emil Cioran (n. 1911), philosopher, essayist  

June 28th  

1919 – birth of Ion D. Sârbu (d. 1989), philosopher, writer and essayist


May 6th
1961 – death of Lucian Blaga (1895–1961), philosopher, poet, journalist, professor, member of the Romanian Academy, diplomat

May 7th

2007 – death of Octavian Paler (1926-2007), poet, prose writer, essayist, memorialist
1938 – death of Octavian Goga (1881-1938), poet and politician
1937 – death of  George Toparceanu (1886-1937), poet and prose writer

May 9th

1918 – death of George Coşbuc, poet
1895 – birth of Lucian Blaga (1895–1961)

May 14th

1957 – death of Camil Petrescu (1894-1957), writer
May 16th

1980 - death of Marin Preda (1922-1980), writer

May 17th

1920 – birth of Geo Dumitrescu (1920-2004), poet and prose writer

May 21st

1880 -  birth of Tudor Arghezi (1880-1967), poet and prose writer
1964 -  death of Tudor Vianu (1897-1964), critic and literary historian, poet, essayist, philosopher and translator
1991 -  death of Ioan Petru Culianu (1950-1991), historian of religions, writer and essayist

May 22nd

 1957 – death of Goerge Bacovia (1881-1957), poet

May 23rd  

1942 – birth of Gabriel Liiceanu, philosopher, writer and translator
1902 – birth of Vladimir Streinu (1902-1970), poet, essayist and translator
May 25th

1933 -  birth of Eugen Simion, critic and literary historian, editor, essayist, professor, member of the Romanian Academy

2002 – death of Stefan Augustin Doinas, poet, essayist, translator, member of the Romanian Academy

May 29th  

1945 – death of Mihail Sebastian (1907-1945), novelist and play writer



April 1st
1866 - founding of the Romanian Literary Society, insitution that, starting in 1879, became the Romanian Academy, the highest cultural forum in Romania
1881 - birth of Octavian Goga poet, playwright, minister for several times, prime minister (1937-1938)

April 2nd
1867 – Mihai Eminescu's poem “Ce-ţi doresc eu ţie, dulce Românie” is published in “Familia” magazine

April 5th
1932 – birth of Fănuş Neagu, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy, director of the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre (1993-1997) (author of: Îngerul a strigat, Frumoşii nebuni ai marilor oraşe. Fals tratat despre iubire, Amantul Marii Doamne Dracula)

April 8th
1911 – birth of Emil Cioran, philosopher, one of the greatest writers of the 20th century (author of Tears and Saints, The Temptation to Exist, The Passionate Handbook, On the Heights of Despair)

April 9th
1894 – birth of Camil Petrescu, writer, poet, philosopher (d. 14.05.1957) 

April 16th 
1896 – birth of Tristan Tzara, one of the innitiators of the Dada movement (d. 25.12.1963)

April 22nd
1850 – birth of Veronica Micle, poet, muse for Mihai Eminescu (d. 03.08.1889).