Hitchcock Revisited

06 - 17/08/2015 @ New Town Theatre (Venue 7), Freemasons' Hall, Edinburgh EH2 3DH

An alert, suspenseful crossover between theatre and film, the Romanian version of '39 Steps', Hitchcock’s espionage thriller and one of West End’s most enduring successes, will be presented at the Edinburgh Fringe by the famed Teatrul Foarte Mic of Bucharest as part of the Romanian artistic contingent showcasing in Britain’s summer cultural capital.


39 Steps

Written by Patrick Barlow

Directed by Gabriela Dumitru



Ştefan Lupu

Andreea Grămoşteanu

Viorel Cojanu

Claudia Prec

Bogdan Talaşman


Scenography by Vladimir Turturică

Music by Andrei Petre-Tatu

Choregraphy by Ştefan Lupu

Photos by Costin  Rusu


...Trains, planes, car chasing... all in front of your eyes in a suspense thriller and a burlesque comedy about the world behind the movie screen... just 39 steps to get there... After a novel by John Buchan and the film of Alfred Hitchcock’s 39 Steps, an original concept of Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon, recreated on stage by Patrick Barlow. An inventive and gripping comedy features actors playing 65 roles in 75 minutes.


When: 6-17 August, 7.20pm

Where: New Town Theatre (Venue 7) , Freemasons' Hall, Edinburgh EH2 3DH

Tickets: £12 - general admission; £6 - child, senior and student concessions. Book HERE.