Historical Talk: The Unification of the Romanian Principalities and its International Dimension

24/01/2022 @ Online: Romanian Cultural Institute Facebook Page and Youtube

RCI London is marking a day with historical relevance, the unification of the Romanian Principalities that took place on the 24th of January 1859. In a short talk, Prof. Dumitru Preda PhD, presents the unfolding of the events, the international context, and its importance in the formation of the modern nation-state.  

Prof. Dumitru Preda, PhD is a university professor in history and political science,  diplomat, author of numerous volumes and scientific articles. In 2002, Dumitru Preda received an honorary distinction from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an "exceptional contribution to the diplomatic activity of Romania". 

Prof. Dumitru Preda has written over 60 books and the most recent is: The XXth Century. Between War and Peace. Romania in the Turmoil of History/Secolul XX. Între război şi pace. România în tumultul istoriei/Le XXe siècle. Entre la guerre et la paix. La Roumanie dans la tourmente de l’histoire, Cavallioti, Bucharest, 2021. 

The talk will be broadcast on the RCI London/s Facebook page and on the YouTube channel from 7 PM and is part of a series of talks and debates on key events in Romanian history.