Paul Celan: The Romanian Context. Grete Tartler in conversation with Edmund de Waal

12/11/2015 @ Romanian Cultural Institute London, 1 Belgrave Square, SW1X 8PH

Acclaimed Romanian poet Grete Tartler and best-selling author and ceramist Edmund de Waal discuss the Romanian roots and enduring international influence of the great poet Paul Celan. The exchange is followed by Edmund de Waal's launching of his highly acclaimed new publication, 'The White Road'. The event is part of 'Celan: Sounds and Visions', organised by Poet in the City and Aurora Orchestra, with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute in London.


Paul Celan was a German language poet and translator. He was born as Paul Antschel to a Jewish family in Cernăuți, Romania. Under the pseudonym Paul Celan, he became one of the major German-language poets of the post-World War II era. Celan was familiar with at least six languages, and fluent in Romanian, French, and Russian. In Paris, he taught German language and literature at L’École Normale Supérieure and earned a significant portion of his income as a translator, translating a wide range of work, from Robert Frost, Marianne Moore, and Emily Dickinson to Arthur Rimbaud, Antonin Artaud, and Charles Baudelaire. His own work has been translated into English numerous times and by several noted poets and translators including Michael Hamburger, Rosmarie Waldrop, Heather McHugh, John Felstiner, and Pierre Joris.


Grete Tartler is a revered Romanian poet, translator and writer. Her most recent collection is the anthology of poetry 'Materia signata', Cartea Românească, 2004. She is the author of several volumes of literature for children, including 'Green kohlrabies in Cat’s Land', 2009. Grete is presently Associate Professor and researcher at the Bucharest University (Paul Celan Centre of Studies). Between 1997-2001 she served as Ambassador of Romania to Copenhagen and Reykjavik.

Edmund de Waal is an artist whose porcelain is exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. His bestselling memoir, 'The Hare with Amber Eyes', won the RSL Ondaatje prize and the Costa Biography Award and in 2015 he was award the Windham-Campbell prize for non-fiction by Yale University.


When: 12 November, 6:30pm. Free.
Where: Hall Two, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG

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