fEAST Theatre – A Thespian Weekend in North London

12 - 13/03/2016 @ Willesden Green Library Centre

We are partnering again with Gazeta Românească newspaper, the intrepid independent producer of musical and theatrical events, for a weekend of Romanian performances for all ages. The programme, entitled fEAST Theatre, includes a puppets show, the one woman show 'Charlotte Salomon', a theatrical potpourri based on the immortal poetry of Romania’s greatest poet, Mihai Eminescu,  starring Andreea Bolovan, and an original adaptation of Ionesco’s 'The Chairs' with Raluca Caragioiu.


Full programme:

12 March, 1pm: Puppets Theatre: 'Pădurea Fermecată'/ 'The Enchanted Forrest' – Produced by PUK Puppets Theatre in Cluj-Napoca. With: Andra Ştefan and Andreea Bolovan

12 March, 3pm: 'Charlotte Salomon' – Produced by The Theatre for the Few in Bucharest. Written by: Ellen Kaplan. With: Andreea Bolovan. Directed by: Liana Ceterchi. Sound and light design by: Ştefan Florian

13 March, 12: Puppets Theatre: 'Pădurea Fermecată'/ 'The Enchanted Forrest' – Produced by Bafi Association. With: Andra Ştefan and Andreea Bolovan

13 March, 1.30: 'Scaunele'/ 'The Chairs' – Produced by The Student’s Theatre in Bucharest. Written by Eugene Ionesco. With: Raluca Caragioiu.  Directed by: Vladimir Anton

13 March, 3.45pm: 'Ce-a vrut să spună poetul?'/ 'What Did the Poet Want to Say?' – Produced by the 'Şura' Theatre in Maramureş. On texts by Mihai Eminescu. With: Elvira Bozga, Ștefan Florian , Andreea Bolovan and Matei Munţiu

All performances will take place at Willesden Green Library Centre, 95 High Road, Willesden, London, NW10 2.

In Romanian only.

All tickets £5: http://vibratii.co.uk/tickets/