Dublin Film Festival Welcomes 'Why me?' and Tudor Giurgiu

18 - 28/02/2016 @ Dublin

Over the past few years, the biggest film festival in Ireland - which is also our oldest partner across the Irish Sea - has celebrated Romanian films & directors through numerous projections, Q&A sessions and special events. This year is no exception as multitalented helmer Tudor Giurgiu will present his troubling 'Why me?' to the Irish cinephiles.


Based on real events, 'Why me?' tells the story of Cristian, a young idealistic prosecutor whose career is on the rise, who tries to crack a case against a senior colleague accused of corruption. The dilemma of choosing between his career and the truth weighs heavily on his shoulders. Looking further to solve the case, he enters a danger zone paved with unexpected and painful revelations.


Tudor Giurgiu (Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 1972) is probably one of the best known Romanian directors and producers. He is the initiator and President of the Transylvania Film Festival (TIFF). Giurgiu directed and produced numerous short or feature films, as well as commercials and music videos, including his debut feature 'Love Sick' (2006), 'Katalin Varga' by Peter Strickland (Silver Bear at the 2009 Berlinale) or 'Mission of the Human Resources Manager' by Eran Riklis (Audience Award in Locarno in 2010). His short 'Superman, Spiderman or Batman' (2011) was named Best European Short at the 2012 edition of European Film Awards. His second feature, 'Of  Snails and Men', was awarded in Warsaw, Valladolid and Saint Petersburg film festivals.


Established in 2003, The Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF) has fast become Ireland's premier feature film festival and takes place in Ireland's capital city over the course of eleven days and nights each spring. The 2016 edition of the festival will take place 18th-28th February.

The screening is also supported by the Embassy of Romania in Dublin.

When: 22 February 2016, 5.30PM
Where: Light House Cinema Dublin.