"Cinema, Mon Amour", în premieră britanică la Festivalul Internațional de Film de la Edinburgh

22 - 23/06/2016 @ Filmhouse, Edinburgh

Cinema, Mon Amour, one of last year’s outstanding Romanian documentaries, will have its UK premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The film is a touching love letter to cinema as art and way of life. With the support of RCI London, director Alexandru Belc will meet with the Scottish cinephiles after the screenings.

Cinema, Mon Amour follows the story of Victor Purice - manager, former projectionist and lifetime cinephile - and his two loyal employees, Cornelia & Lorena, in their everyday battle to preserve Dacia Panoramic Cinema in Piatra Neamt, one of the last remaining cinemas in Romania today. A sweet portrait of a profession, passion and nostalgia in an Herculean fight to preserve a culture, this will be a favourite for EIFF and Filmhouse audiences alike! - Edinburgh International Film Festival

Director: Alexandru Belc
Cast: Victor Purice, Lorena Cosau, Cornelia Chelmu, Gheorghe Purice
Producers: Tudor Giurgiu, Viktoria Hozzova
Scriptwriters: Alexandru Belc, Tudor Giurgiu, Ilinca Micu
Editor: Ion Ioachim Stroe
DoP: Tudor Vladimir Panduru
Music: Cezar Popescu

Selected at: DOK Leipzig, Germany, Jaipur International Film Festival, India, Helsinki International Film Festival, Finland, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic, Tempo Documentary Festival, Stockholm, Sweden, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland.

Edinburgh International Film Festival, the world's oldest continually running film festival, presents and promotes both UK and international films and engages local and international audiences with a dynamic programme of features, documentaries, shorts and experimental cinema. The 70th edition is scheduled between 15–26 June 2016.

When: 22 & 23 June 2016
Where: Filmhouse Cinema, Edinburgh
Tickets: here