British-Romanian Encounters on International Museum Day

18/05/2020 @ RCI London's facebook page

Join us for a magnificent day out at your favourite British and Romanian museums in the company of renowned art authorities including Jill Cook of the British Museum, Lucy Bayley of the Tate Modern, Paula Popoiu of Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum, Erwin Kessler of the Museum of Recent Art (MARe) Bucharest and curators Peter Harrap, Anna McNay and Florin Ungureanu.

Celebrate in style the International Museum Day and discover some truly fascinating stories, on the RCI's Facebook page on Monday 18 May.

Guest Speakers:

11.00: Jill Cook | Keeper, Department of Britain, Europe &  Prehistory | The British Museum

on her favourite Romanian objects from the British Museum


12.00: Lucy Bayley | Curator | Tate Modern
on Paul Neagu’s works displayed at Tate Modern 

13.00: Paula Popoiu | Director | ‘Dimitrie Gusti’ National Village Museum

on the most visited cultural destination in Romania 


14.00: Peter Harrap, Anna McNay & Florin Ungureanu | Curators |
on the ‘Beyond Other Horizons’ exhibition at the Art Museum of Iasi  

15.00: Erwin Kessler | Director | Museum of Recent Art  Bucharest
on the first private art museum in post-communist Romania.