Anca Benera: Artist-in-Residence @ Attic Arts and Camden Arts Centre

06/10 - 04/12/2011

Romanian artist Anca Benera is the third holder of the Attic Arts Residency at the Romanian Cultural Institute, organised this autumn in collaboration with Camden Arts Centre.

Benera’s work incorporates a range of media including video, performance and sculpture; her practice focuses on story telling, re-construction, performance and in particular how these things can occur in the public sphere.

For her residency she will be developing a research project begun in 2008, re-reading sculptural occurrences and interventions in the public domain as reminiscent of key art works from art history. In London the new body of work will comprise photographs, film and narrative transcriptions.

Anca Benera will discuss her work and progress on the residency on Saturday 5 November, 2.30 – 4.00pm,  as part of the Artist Talk programme at Camden Arts Centre.

On Wednesday 30 November she will open an exhibition of works made during the residency in the Artists' Studio at Camden Arts Centre. The exhibition will continue until 4 December.

Anca Benera (b. 1977) is the co-founder of the Centre for Visual Introspection, a unique artists’ collective in Bucharest in 2007, for the support and presentation of socially engaged visual arts. She graduated from the National University of Art Bucharest. Most of her works focus on the interaction between painting, photography, installations and the memory’s structure. Her on-going projects include Re-reading the City (2008-) and Matter & History (2010-).

When: 6 October 2011 - 04 December 2011

Where: Camden Arts Centre and Romanian Cultural Institute, London.